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After Sales - Gloucester Landrover

Whilst the processes we go through to prepare an approved car at Gloucester Landrover are exhaustive and well proven to minimise the likelihood of failure, as with all things mechanical, from time to time problems can occur. We see this as our opportunity to shine.

Modern cars depend increasingly on electronic diagnostic tools - we make sure we have the latest equipment at our disposal.

Gloucester Landrover Service workshops are adjacent to us and will attend to any faults with your car as a matter of priority. Their experience with the products we specialise in means that many situations have presented themselves before but, like us, they are ready to face fresh challenges when the need arises.

We are in it for the long-term if a situation presents itself that is outside the scope of any warranty we are here to do what is correct and fair by you.

Whatever your location, we are pleased to consult with any workshop or supplier you choose.

One stop-shop - throughout your ownership any servicing or repair requirements can be dealt with at Gloucester Landrover whether it's arranging for a wheel scuff to be removed or booking and overseeing a routine service.

When the time comes for you to sell the car please remember us; the cars we have sold previously are our favourites.