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We specialise in diagnosing problems and servicing Automatic Gearboxes as fitted to Land Rover and Range Rover models, our transmission (automatic gearbox) service includes the following.

  • Check fault codes and monitor "live data" in the gearbox
  • Determine the cause of any faults or feedback from our customer and advise as necessary
  • Drain all existing transmission oil
  • Remove gearbox sump, inspect oil and any contaminants in the sump) and replace the gearbox oil filter and sump
  • Fill the gearbox with the manufacturers recommended specification of transmission oil
  • Flush the gearbox until all the oil has been replaced (this typically means that we use about 15-20 litres of oil instead of the maximum of 9 litres that fills the gearbox from scratch)
  • Reset the adaptions for the gearbox/transfer box
  • road test and monitor live data with the specifications from the manufacturer.
  • Check for leaks
  • Return to the customer.

Remember we recommended that the automatic gearbox oil & Filter on Discovery 3 & 4 and Range Rover & Sport from 2003 onwards is changed every 60,000 milse or less if towing regularly.